Dr. Umut Durak

Adjunct Lecturer

TU Clausthal

Department of Informatics

Model-based System Analysis and Simulation

Phone: +49 5323 72-7129

Address: Julius-Albert-Str. 4, Room 119

Email: umut.durak at tu clausthal de

 Research Scientist

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Institute of Flight Systems

Flight Dynamics and Simulation

Phone: +49 531 295-2907

Email: umut.durak at dlr de

Office Hours: Friday afternoons with appointment

Blog: www.simuleng.com Twitter:@simuleng 


Simulation engineering is an establishing discipline for developing, employing and maintaining simulations using the fundamental theories of simulation science. I have been practicing this engineering discipline more than 10 years; establishing methodologies and work flows, and developing tools and infrastructures. I am currently participating in Flight Dynamics and Simulation Department of German Aerospace Center (DLR) Institute of Flight Systems as a Research Scientist. I am a part of the team that is responsible for the Air Vehicle Simulator (AVES). Here I am conducting simulation engineering research on application of model based methodologies for flight simulations and simulation-based methodologies for flight systems development.  


  • Model-based simulation engineering: Application of model-driven practices in simulation engineering lifecycle.
    • Simulation metamodeling, model transformations, code generation
    • Model-based testing, model-driven development, model-based scenario development, model-based modernization
  • Simulation-based systems development: Methodologies and approaches for streamlining the simulation utilization in system development.
    • X-in-the-loop testing, model integrations, FMI, simulation scenarios for systems validation, distributed simulation, simulation continuity  
  • Ontologies in simulation: Methodologies and integration strategies for ontologies in order to introduce them as the implicit components of simulation toolchain
    • Ontologies for simulation metamodeling, ontologies for domain modeling, life cycle ontologies

Professional Activities 


Simulation Engineering

Graph Models and Simulation



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Journal Articles

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Conference Papers

    1. Umut Durak, Insa Pruter, Torsten Gerlach, Shafagh Jafer, Thorsten Pawletta and Sven Hartmann. 2017. Using System Entity Structures to Model the Elements of a Scenario in a Research Flight Simulator. AIAA Modeling and Simulation Technologies ConferenceGrapevine, TX.
    2. Shafagh Jafer, Bharvi Chhaya and Umut Durak. 2017. Graphical Specification of Flight Scenarios with Aviation Scenario Defintion Language (ASDL). AIAA Modeling and Simulation Technologies Conference, Grapevine, TX.
    3. Andrea D'Ambrogio and Umut Durak. 2016. Setting systems and simulation life cycle processes side by side. IEEE International Symposium on Systems Engineering,  Edinburgh, Scotland.
    4. Umut Durak, David Müller,Jurgen Becker, Nikolaos S. Voros, Nikolaos, Panayiotis Alefragis, Timo Stripf, Pierre‐Aimé Agnel,  Gerard Rauwerda and Kim Sunesen. 2016. Model-based development of Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System for heterogeneous multi-core architectures. 23. Symposium Simulationstechnik (ASIM 2016), Dresden, Germany.        
    5. Thorsten Pawletta, Artur Schmidt, Umut Durak and Bernard P. Zeigler. 2016. A Framework for the metamodeling of multi-variant systems and reactive simulation model generation and execution. 23. Symposium Simulationstechnik,  Dresden, Germany.        
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    7. Umut Durak, Torsten Gerlach, Anil Ozturk, Volkan Kargin, Hakan Aydemir and Ugur Zengin. 2106. Flight simulator model integration for supporting pilot-in-the-loop testing in model-mased rotorcraft design.AIAA Modeling and Simulation Technologies Conference, Washington, DC.
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    11. Umut Durak and Tuncer Ören. 2016. Towards an ontology for simulation systems engineering. 2015 Spring Simulation Multi-Conference, Annual Simulation Symposium (ANSS), Pasadena, CA.
    12. Thorsten Pawletta, Artur Schmidt, Bernard P. Zeigler and Umut Durak2016. Extended variability modeling using System Entity Structure ontology within MATLAB/Simulink. 2016 Spring Simulation Multi-Conference, Annual Simulation Symposium (ANSS), Pasadena, CA.
    13. Henrik Wüstenberg, Jürgen Gotschlich and Umut Durak. 2016. Anbindung eines aktiven Steuerkraftsystems an eine Echtzeitsimulation. ASIM STS/GMMS Workshop, Lippstadt, Germany.
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    List of Selected Publications in Turkish

    1. Ipek Yagcan, Cigdem Turkmendag, Umut Durak and Halit Oguztuzun. 2014. Seri haberlesme protokollerinin testleri icin model tabanli veri cozucu [Model based data analyzer for testing serial communication protocols]. SAVTEK 2014, Ankara.
    1. Anil Ozturk, Müge Canpolat and Umut Durak. 2013. Model tabanli simulasyon gelistirme icin arac destegi [Tool support for model based simulation development]. USMOS 2013, Ankara.
    1. Ertan Deniz, Umut Durak and Halit Oguztuzun. 2012. DDS Tabanli Mil-Std 1553 Arayuz Simulasyonu [DDS based Mil-STD 1553 simulation]. SAVTEK 2012, Ankara.
    2. Müge Canpolat and Umut Durak. 2012. Model tabanli simulasyon yazilimi gelistirme [Model based simulation software development]. UYMS 2012 Yazılım Mühendisliği ile Modelleme ve Simülasyonun Sinerjisi Çalıştayı, Ankara.
    3. Aylin Hatip  and Umut Durak. 2012. Simulasyon projeleri icin model dogrulama gecerleme pratikleri [Model validation and verification practices for simulation projects]. UYMS 2012 Yazılım Mühendisliği ile Modelleme ve Simülasyonun Sinerjisi Çalıştayı, Ankara.
    4. Turkdogan Tasdelen, Umut Durak, and Halit Oguztuzun. 2011. Acik kaynakli zeniden kullanilabilir ucus benzetimi: FlightGear HLA federesi [A reusable open source flight simulation: FlightGear HLA federate].UYMS'11, Ankara.
    5. Hüseyin Bacanak, Hatice Guder, Ugur Arikan and Umut Durak. 2011. Coklu insansiz hava araci simulasyonlari icin altyapi cozumu [An infrastructure for multi UAV simulation]. USMOS 2011, Ankara.
    6. Murat Aydin, Umut Durak and Halit  Oguztuzun. 2008. Bir muhendislik ontolojisi icin web tabanli goruntuleyici [A web based browser for an engineering ontology]. Akilli Sistemlerde Yenilikler ve Uygulamalari Sempozyumu (ASYU 2008), Isparta.
    7. Umut Durak,Omer Anlagan and Halit Oguztuzun. 2004. Yeniden kullanilabilir ucus benzetimi mimarisi icin yol haritasi [Roadmap for reusable flight simulation architecture]. SAVTEK 2004, Ankara.


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