SimSe - Simulation of Software Evolution

Project Abstract

Software development is a costly process and requires serious quality control on the management level: Managing a project with more than 10 programmers over several years is a highly nontrivial task. We are building  tools for helping the manager to predict the future development of the project based on certain adjustable parameters. 

The main idea is to view the software process as an agent-based simulation in a multiagent system (MAS). This approach requires to combine three different areas:

  1. mining data and patterns from projects done in the past, 
  2. modeling the software development process in a multiagent environment, and 
  3. running the simulation on a dedicated and scalable multiagent platform.


This project is part of the Simulation Science Center Clausthal/Göttingen (project page). 

Project Members


  • Prof. Dr. Jürgen Dix
  • Niklas Fiekas
  • Tobias Ahlbrecht


  • Prof. Dr. Jens Grabowski
  • Prof Dr. Stephan Waack
  • Verena Herbold
  • Daniel Honsel
  • Marlon Welter


Since 04/2016


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