Courses Overview

Our teaching centers around formal methods in Computer Science.

Bachelor Courses

We are teaching the following Bachelor courses:


Informatik III: Chomsky hierarchy, finite automata, push-down automata, Turing machines, (un-) decidability, P/NP, basics of complexity classes within PSPACE.


Logic and Verification: Sentential Logic, Linear-Time Properties, First Order Logic, Hoare Calculus, Prolog

Master Courses

Additionally, we teach the following Master courses:


Complexity Theory: Chomsky Hierarchy revisited (Immerman-Scelepcsenyi, Chomsky-Schützenberger, Myhill-Nerode), Ehrenfeucht Hypothesis, Lindenmayer systems, Makanins result, PCP, Grzegorczyk-hierarchy, Hilberts problem theorem of Rice, degrees of unsolvability, complexity classes, speed-up-, union-, gap-theorem, Savitichs theorem, Hopcroft/Paul/Valiants theorem, polynomial hierarchy, EXPTIME/EXPSPACE, Presburger arithmetic, quantifier elimination, Fagins theorem.


Modal Logic: Modal Logic and relation to first-order logic, normal modal logics, sound/completeness, filtrations, public announcement logic, invariance results, bisimultaions (ultrafilter and saturations), van Benthems characterization theorem.


Game Theory: Complete Information Games, Repeated Games, Coalitional Game Theory, Social Choice and Auctions, Incomplete Information Games, Mechanism Design, Strategic Logics


MAS and Games: Foundations of MAS, Complete Information Games, Equilibria, BDI Framework, Coalitions, Social Choice, Ranking Systems


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