OPENPROD - Open Model-Driven Whole-Product Development and Simulation Environment

OPENPROD is an ITEA2 European project that will provide an open, whole-product model-driven rapid systems development, modeling, and simulation environment integrating in to the leading open industrial software development platform (Eclipse) with open-source (OpenModelica, etc.), as well as industrial modeling and simulation tools and applications. The main research topics are:

  • Integrated hardware software modeling by Modelica - UML - SysML integration.
  • Model compiler enhancements.
  • Compilation of Modelica to parallel multi-core platforms.
  • Tool interoperability.
  • Application demonstrators



Konferenzbeiträge (5)

Chen, Wuzhu and Huhn, Michaela and Fritzson, Peter: A Generic FMU Interface for Modelica, 2011

Huhn, Michaela and Sjölund, Martin and Chen, Wuzhu and Schulze, Christan and Fritzson, Peter: Tool Support for Modelica Real-time Models, Modelica Association, 2011

Klar, Dennis and Huhn, Michaela and Grühser, Jochen: Symptom Propagation and Transformation Analysis: A Pragmatic Model for System-level Diagnosis of Large Automation Systems, IEEE, 2011

Klar, Dennis and Huhn, Michaela and Grühser, Jochen: Diagnosis in Rail Automation: A Case Study on Megamodels in Practise, 2011

Maass, Jochen and Steiner, Jens and Amado, Ana and Huhn, Michaela and Raatz, Annika and Hesselbach, Jürgen: Self-Management In A Control Architecture For Parallel Kinematic Robots, 2008


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