Aeronautical Informatics Team


PD Dr.-Ing. habil. Umut Durak

Ph.D. Students

Hakan Aydemir (External) (Building Digital Aircraft)

Master Students

Siddharta Gupta (ROS-Based Autonomy Infrastructure for Companion Computers )

Oliver Ellis (Simulation-based Verification of Computer Vision Algorithms on Drones)

Jialin Li (Electronic Instrument Cluster for Urban Air Mobility)

Joel Fankam Domche (Service Oriented Integration of Drone Operations)

Abu Sayed Sajib (Real-time Data Integration for Flight Simulators)

Bachelor Students

Wanja Zaeske

Gustav Baier

Yiheng Chen


Haitao Wang (Design and Development of Research Aviation Training Device)

Shihui Chen (Modeling and Simulation based Development of Autonomy Features for Drones)

Somaye Mahmoode (Software Tool Life Cycle Process Overlay to the IEEE Recommended Practice for Distributed Simulation Engineering and Execution Process)

Bikash Karmokar (Application Agnostic SES Modeling  and Interactive Pruning)

Nizam Udin (Service-oriented Instructor Operator Station for Flight Simulators)

Rui Shi (Training Simulator for Drone Hobbyists)




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