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Nils' article Norm-based Mechanism Design: An Approach to Control and Coordinate Multi-Agent Systems accepted for AI journal

From: 01.10.2016

The article 'Norm-based Mechanism Design: An Approach to Control and Coordinate Multi-Agent Systems’ co-authored by Nils Bulling was accepted for the top journal Artificial Intelligence.[more]

Multi-Agent Programming Contest 2016

From: 13.09.2016

Once again we hosted the international Multi-Agent Programming Contest. We congratulate the winning team PUCRS from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul. [more]

SimSe project kick-off

From: 21.04.2016

The SWZ project "Simulating Software Evolution" (SimSe) has started as a cooperation between the SWZ partners Clausthal (our group) and Göttingen.[more]

Welcome Niklas!

From: 01.11.2015

We warmheartedly welcome our new colleague, Niklas Fiekas, to our group![more]

Best PC member award for Nils Bulling (PRIMA 2015)

From: 30.10.2015

Nils Bulling received the Best Program Committee Member Award of the 18th International Conference on Principles and Practice of Multi-Agent Systems (PRIMA) 2015.[more]

Wojciech Jamroga organised LAMAS SING 2015 workshop

From: 25.09.2015

Wojciech Jamroga organised the LAMAS Seminar on Interaction Gdansk (LAMAS SING) 2015.[more]

Goodbye, Federico!

From: 01.09.2015

Today, our valued colleague and friend Federico has left us to continue his quest in the real world. Federico started work in our group in 2010 and has saved one or another Multi-Agent contest. Of course, we wish him nothing...[more]

Prof. Dix involved in IJAOSE special issue

From: 09.06.2015

Prof. Dix is involved in editing a special issue for the International Journal of Agent-Oriented Software Engineering (IJAOSE) based on papers from the Engineering Multi-Agent Systems (EMAS) Workshop 2014.[more]

Lehrpreis 2014

From: 18.01.2015

The  „Informatikwerkstatt“ is the winner of the Lehrpreis 2014 of our University. Michaela Huhn has coordinated this project involving several members of the  Department of Informatics. Congratulations!![more]

Farewell, Nils!

From: 07.01.2015

Today, our dear colleague Nils Bulling finished the last step in his habilitation process. Nils has been a member of our group for nine years now. He did his Diploma, PhD and his habilitation here in Clausthal (all with...[more]

Nils Bulling's habilitation process' last step

From: 18.12.2014

Nils Bulling is doing the last step in his habilitation process with his lecture on January 7th.[more]

Nils Bulling gives a talk as part of his habilitation procedure.

From: 09.12.2014

Nils Bulling gives a talk as part of his habilitation procedure.[more]

Prof. Dix is PC member of RuleML 2015

From: 15.11.2014

Jürgen Dix is a PC member of RuleML 2015 (9th International Web Rule Symposium).[more]

Prof. Dix is PC member of MATES 2015

From: 14.11.2014

Jürgen Dix is a PC member of MATES 2015 (13th German Conference on Multiagent System Technologies).[more]

Prof. Dix is PC member of RuleML2012-14_SpI

From: 15.10.2014

Jürgen Dix is a PC member of RuleML2012-14_SpI (RuleML Special Issue in TPLP).[more]

Prof. Dix is PC member of PAAMS'15

From: 14.10.2014

Jürgen Dix is a PC member of PAAMS'15 (13th Conference on Practical Applications of Agents and Multi-Agent Systems).[more]

Rebecca Olufunke arrived!

From: 02.10.2014

Rebecca Olufunke has arrived. She visits us until Christmas.[more]

Dr. Huhn in PC of SEFM 2015

From: 24.09.2014

Dr. Michaela Huhn is a PC member of SEFM 2015 (13thInternational Conference on Software Engineering and FormalMethods) York, UK on September 7-11, 2015.[more]

MBEES XI Workshop Accepted at Dagstuhl for 2015

From: 24.09.2014

The 11th Workshop on Model-Based Development of Embedded Systems(Modellbasierte Entwicklung Eingebetteter Systeme - MBEES)  has beenaccepted as a Dagstuhl workshop.Dr. Michaela Huhn will organize and chair the workshop...[more]

Dr. Rebecca Vincent Olufunke visits us

From: 24.09.2014

From Oct 2nd until December 23 we welcome our colleague Dr. Rebecca Vincent Olufunke from Nigeria.[more]


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