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Research Position in Logics and Formal Methods (TU Clausthal, Germany)

From: 26.06.2013

The Department of Informatics at Clausthal University of Technology (Germany) is seeking to hire a postdoctoral research fellow or PhD student. A PDF version of the announcement can be found in the link below.[more]

Nils in Norway

From: 11.06.2013

Nils was in Bergen, Norway visiting Prof. Thomas Ågotnes.[more]

Visit: Jørgen Villadsen

From: 10.06.2013

Prof. Jørgen Villadsen from DTU (Denmark) is now visiting us and he will stay for 2 weeks.[more]

Jürgen organized Dagstuhl Seminar

From: 07.06.2013

Jürgen was one of the organizers of the Dagtuhl seminar "Belief Change and Argumentation in Multi-Agent Scenarios" that took part from 02.06.2013 to 07.06.2013. Matei was also in the seminar as a participant.[more]

Jürgen in Brussels

From: 01.06.2013

Jürgen was in Brussels for evaluation, from 27.05.2013 until 01.06.2013[more]

Visit: Jerzy Pilecki

From: 14.04.2013

This week we have  a guest at our institute. His name is Jerzy Pilecki and he will stay from 15-05-2013 to 19-05-2013.[more]


From: 12.04.2013

Finding strategies for agents with limited information and memory[more]


From: 12.04.2013

AI and Intelligent Agent Systems[more]

Welcome Matei!

From: 01.03.2013

The Kickoff-Workshop for the Galot project took place.

From: 13.02.2013

The Kickoff-Workshop for the new German-Luxemburg Galot project took place in the TU-Clausthal on February 11-13.[more]

Matei's talk

From: 12.02.2013

Matei gave the talk "A logical method for temporal knowledge representation and reasoning" as part of our colloquium series.[more]

Wojtek visits us

From: 09.02.2013

Our colleague Wojtek visited us from 09-02-2013 to 16-02-2013.[more]

Multi-Agent Programming Contest 2013 to come

From: 18.01.2013

The CIG will organize the Multi-Agent Programming Contest for the 9th consecutive year. The 2013 edition will be officially announced in the near future.[more]

The SWZ finally takes shape

From: 12.01.2013

CIG is involved with a project jointly with our colleague Jörg Müller.[more]

Kickoff-Workshop for the new German-Luxemburg Galot project

From: 10.01.2013

We organize a Kickoff-Workshop from February 11-13 for the new German-Luxemburg Galot project.[more]

Happy New Year!

From: 01.01.2013

CIG wishes all our colleagues and collaborators a very Happy New Year![more]

Michael in Luxembourg

From: 03.12.2012

In the first week of December Michael is visiting Wojtek Jamroga in Luxembourg to discuss the new project GALOT.[more]

Phd/Postdoc position

From: 02.11.2012

The chair of Computational Intelligence is seeking to hire a postdoctoral research fellow or PhD student. The announcement can be found here.[more]

Pro-/Hauptseminar Meeting

From: 10.10.2012

We will meet on wednesday, 17th October at 15:00 to assign the topics of our Pro-/Hauptseminar: AI and Intelligent Agent Systems .[more]


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