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Jürgen organized Dagstuhl Seminar

From: 07.06.2013

Jürgen was one of the organizers of the Dagtuhl seminar "Belief Change and Argumentation in Multi-Agent Scenarios" that took part from 02.06.2013 to 07.06.2013. Matei was also in the seminar as a participant.[more]

Jürgen in Brussels

From: 01.06.2013

Jürgen was in Brussels for evaluation, from 27.05.2013 until 01.06.2013[more]

Visit: Jerzy Pilecki

From: 14.04.2013

This week we have  a guest at our institute. His name is Jerzy Pilecki and he will stay from 15-05-2013 to 19-05-2013.[more]


From: 12.04.2013

Finding strategies for agents with limited information and memory[more]


From: 12.04.2013

AI and Intelligent Agent Systems[more]

Welcome Matei!

From: 01.03.2013

The Kickoff-Workshop for the Galot project took place.

From: 13.02.2013

The Kickoff-Workshop for the new German-Luxemburg Galot project took place in the TU-Clausthal on February 11-13.[more]

Matei's talk

From: 12.02.2013

Matei gave the talk "A logical method for temporal knowledge representation and reasoning" as part of our colloquium series.[more]

Wojtek visits us

From: 09.02.2013

Our colleague Wojtek visited us from 09-02-2013 to 16-02-2013.[more]

Multi-Agent Programming Contest 2013 to come

From: 18.01.2013

The CIG will organize the Multi-Agent Programming Contest for the 9th consecutive year. The 2013 edition will be officially announced in the near future.[more]

The SWZ finally takes shape

From: 12.01.2013

CIG is involved with a project jointly with our colleague Jörg Müller.[more]

Kickoff-Workshop for the new German-Luxemburg Galot project

From: 10.01.2013

We organize a Kickoff-Workshop from February 11-13 for the new German-Luxemburg Galot project.[more]

Happy New Year!

From: 01.01.2013

CIG wishes all our colleagues and collaborators a very Happy New Year![more]

Michael in Luxembourg

From: 03.12.2012

In the first week of December Michael is visiting Wojtek Jamroga in Luxembourg to discuss the new project GALOT.[more]

Phd/Postdoc position

From: 02.11.2012

The chair of Computational Intelligence is seeking to hire a postdoctoral research fellow or PhD student. The announcement can be found here.[more]

Pro-/Hauptseminar Meeting

From: 10.10.2012

We will meet on wednesday, 17th October at 15:00 to assign the topics of our Pro-/Hauptseminar: AI and Intelligent Agent Systems .[more]

The IT Ecosystems Project finished successfully

From: 04.10.2012

The IT Ecosystems project (where Jürgen and Michael were involved) ended in October.[more]

Farewell, Tristan!

From: 01.10.2012

Our dear colleague, Dr. Tristan Behrens decided to hit the road and switch to industry. He is trying to combine his unconditional love for Apple products with making money. May he succeed![more]

New Lecture: Verification of Concurrent Systems

From: 25.09.2012

Next term (WS 2012/2013) we offer the new lecture "Verification of Concurrent Systems" (MSc). We would like to ask interested students to enroll in the StudIP-system. For additional information, please do not hesitate...[more]


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