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CIG at Dagstuhl

From: 19.08.2012

Juergen and Federico are at Dagstuhl attending the seminar "Engineering Multi-Agent Systems", from 19.08.2012 until 24.08.201. Juergen is one of the seminar organizers, along with Koen V. Hindriks (TU Delft, NL), Brian...[more]

Jürgen at Turing Centenary

From: 18.06.2012

Jürgen is attending the Turing Centenary conference organised at Cambridge (18-24 June). Turing started as a 19 year old his studies and published a few years later his famous paper "On computable numbers with an application...[more]

Nils gives tutorial at AAMAS 2012

From: 04.06.2012

Nils  gives, jointly with Natasha Alechina and Brian Logan, the tutorial "Logics and Multi-Agent Programming Languages" at the 11th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems in ...[more]

Jürgen and Nils give tutorial at EASSS 2012

From: 31.05.2012

Jürgen and Nils give the tutorial "Introduction to the Modelling and Verification of, and Reasoning About Multi-Agent Systems" at the 14th European Agent Systems Summer School in Valencia, Spain. [more]

Multi-Agent Programming Contest 2012

From: 21.03.2012

We have just announced another iteration of the Multi-Agent Programming Contest. See this page for more details.[more]

Wojtek in Clausthal

From: 20.02.2012

Wojtek visits us in order to strengthen our research collaboration.[more]

Dagstuhl Seminar accepted

From: 15.02.2012

The Dagstuhl Seminar "Engineering Multi-Agent Systems" has been accepted.[more]

Tristan's Viva

From: 01.02.2012

Today, our cherished colleague Tristan successfully defended his PhD-thesis. We congratulate and wish him all the best![more]

Nils in the Netherlands

From: 19.12.2011

Nils has been invited to an international workshop on "Multi-Agent Organisation". The workshop, which took place in the Lorentz center in Leiden (NL), was organized by Mehdi Dastani, Guido Governatori, John-Jules Meyer...[more]

Michael in Luxemburg

From: 12.12.2011

12th till 15th of December: Michael is visiting Wojtek Jamroga in Luxembourg und gives a presentation in Wojtek's research group Individual and Collective Reasoning Group (ICR).[more]

Dagstuhl Seminar Approved

From: 05.11.2011

A Dagstuhl seminar on "Belief Change and Argumentation in Multi-Agent Scenarios" by Jürgen Dix, Sven Ove Hansson, Gabriele Kern-Isberner and Guillermo R. Simari, has been approved for June 2013.[more]

Jürgen in Berlin

From: 30.10.2011

Jürgen attends the Abschiedssymposium for Prof. Gerhard Roth, the president of the Studenstiftung, in Berlin...[more]

Förderpreis des Vereins von Freunden

From: 07.10.2011

Nils' won the “Förderpreis des Vereins von Freunden” of Clausthal University of Technology for his dissertation.The award ceremony will be on 28.10. during the university's graduation ceremony.[more]

Informatik III Written Exam

From: 26.09.2011

At 10am in room T3. Please contact our "Prüfungsamt".[more]

CIG successfully runs the MAPC 2011

From: 05.09.2011


Summerschool of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes

From: 04.09.2011

Jürgen gave a course on multi-agent planning at the summerschool of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes in Guidel, Bretagne (France) from 4. to 17. September.[more]


From: 01.08.2011

Nils and Wojtek give a course on "Decision Problems and Decision Procedures for Strategic Logics" at the European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI).[more]

Our friends from Romania leave

From: 27.07.2011

Today our two guests from Romania are going back after visiting us for 3 months.Farewell Michnea and Matei![more]


From: 18.07.2011

General Chair (together with Georg Gottlob) Dr. Nils Bulling presents two posters and gives a talk: Alternating Epistemic Mu-Calculus (with Wojtek Jamroga), Comparing Variants of Strategic Ability (with Wojtek Jamroga)...[more]

Jürgen at IJCAI 2011

From: 16.07.2011

Jürgen gave an invited talk at the IJCAI 2011Workshop on Nonmonotonic Reasoning, Action, and Change.Title: How to test and compare Multi-agent systems?See:[more]


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