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Dix Oral Exams today

From: 28.03.2011

Please contact our secretary Anita Seiz-Uhlig.[more]

Oberseminar today

From: 24.03.2011

Nils Bulling: Model Checking Strategic Logics for Resource-Bounded Agents[more]

CIG at Dagstuhl

From: 14.03.2011

Jürgen, Michael, Federico and Nils spend a week at Schloß Dagstuhl in Wadern. They attend the seminar "Reasoning about Interaction: From Game Theory to Logic and Back", which has been organized by Jürgen Dix (TU...[more]

Federico in Prague

From: 01.03.2011

Federico visits the Agent Technology Center at the Department of Cybernetics at the Czech Technical University to meet with Peter Novak.[more]


From: 24.02.2011

Next Thursday, 24.02.2011, at 1:30pm Michael will give a talk on "Abstraction for Model Checking Modular Interpreted Systems over ATL". The seminar takes place in room R210, Am Regenbogen 15. Abstract: I present an...[more]

Sujata Ghosh in Clausthal

From: 09.02.2011

Sujata Ghosh from the University of Groningen pays us a visit and gives a talk with the title "Strategic reasoning in extensive form games: a logical study".[more]

Berndt Farwer in Clausthal

From: 01.02.2011

Berndt Fartwer visits Clausthal again to give a talk. He talks about "Modern Applications of Agent Technology - Where Mobility and Resources Actually Matter".[more]

Springer Publications

From: 24.01.2011

Springer releases the postproceedings of CLIMA X, edited by Jürgen Dix, Michael Fisher and Peter Novak: Also Springer releases the postproceedings of CLIMA XI, edited by Jürgen...[more]


From: 01.01.2011

2010 has been an excellent year and 2011 is going to be even better![more]

That's it for 2010

From: 21.12.2010

Today, we are looking back at a very magical and inspiring year of research, teaching and administration.[more]

Nils appointed assistant professor

From: 16.12.2010

Today, our colleague Nils was appointed assistant professor (Akademischer Rat) effective January 1st 2011.[more]

New Semester

From: 01.11.2010

The new semester has just started! We welcome all students that attend our teaching aktivities. We offer: Informatik III (B.Sc.)Modallogiken (M.Sc.)Pro- und Hauptseminar Please go to the teaching-section for more details.[more]


From: 29.10.2010

Jürgen attends the annual "Vertrauensdozenten der Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes".[more]

Nils' Viva

From: 22.10.2010

Our dear colleague Nils has just defended his PhD-thesis "Modelling and Verifying Abilities of Rational Agents" and passed with honours (summa cum laude). We congratulate wholeheartedly, knowing how much effort he has invested...[more]

Pro-/Hauptseminar Meeting

From: 02.10.2010

We will meet on 2nd November at 14:00 to assign the topics of the seminar-talks. [more]

MAPC 2010 is over!

From: 20.09.2010

The Multi-Agent Programming Contest is over and has been a success![more]

Federico's talk

From: 02.09.2010

Federico gives his welcome-talk today.

Nils gives a course at EASSS 2010 in France

From: 25.08.2010

Nils gives a course on "Model Checking Temporal and Strategic Logics" at the 12th European Agent Systems Summer School (EASSS 2010) in St. Etienne in  France.[more]

Nils and Jürgen at ECAI

From: 18.08.2010

Nils and Jürgen are at the European Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Lisbon, Portugal.[more]

Federico Schlesinger joins the team

From: 16.08.2010

We warmheartedly welcome our new colleague Federico Schlesinger from Argentina![more]


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