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Introduction to the Modelling and Analysis of Security Protocols (MSc)

Dr. Nils Bulling

About this course:
The course is a master course but can also be attended in the bachelor. It is a 6 ECTS course with 3+1 hours a week (3 lectures, 1 exercise class). Exercises are mandatory.

-Tuesday 13:00-15:00 o’clock, Seminarraum 210m Am Regenbogen 15
-Thursday 10:00-12:00 o’clock, Seminarraum 210m Am Regenbogen 15
-The first lecture takes place October, 25th.

-All students have to register in the StudIP-System.
-Oral exams will be offered at the end of the lecture.
- In order to be permitted to the exam, in average 50% of all exercise sheet have to be solved successfully.

Contents of the course:
The course focusses on the modelling and verification of security protocols; however, basic concepts of cryptography and computer security are considered as well. The lecture is composed of the following three blocks:

Block I: Basics aspects of computer security, cryptography and its underlying mathematical theory.
(Crypto systems, symmetric and asymmetric encryption, RSA, signatures, key exchange, user authentication, data integrity algorithms)

Block II: Security Protocols: Analysis and Verification Methods.
(Protocols for authentication and key establishment, conference key and password based protocols, verification techniques and tools)

Block III: Various Theoretical Aspects about Security Protocols and their Verification.
(Decidability of verification, logic-based approaches)

- Boyd and Mathuria, Protocols for Authentication and Key Establishment, Springer.
-Buchmann, Einführung in die Kryptography, Springer.
-Ryan et al., The Modelling and Analysis of Security  Protocols: the CSP Approach, Pearson.
-Stallings, Cryptography and Network Security, Pearson.


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