Running Projects

Support for learning at work: We investigate methods and tools to support people to learn together while they work. Learning then takes place informally and need to compete with other pressuring tasks and (time) constraints. We work on these questions with the focus of support reflection at work in our project EmployID.

IT support in healthcare: In healthcare questions we explore possibilities of IT to support learning in a less tech-savvy, yet highly important sector. Challenges are to carefully adapt and integrate IT into processes of healthcare workers in order to create value, meaning to improve the work of care workers as well as the health status of patients. We work on these challenges in our project Pflegebrille. 

Ubiquitous Interaction Lab
Ubiquitous interaction: Living in a world in which the Internet of Things, Augmented Reality and Ubiquitous Computing let physical and digital worlds merge, we explore how these technologies, which are predominantly used and investigated for individual use, can be used to support cooperation of people. We look for changes these technologies can make for cooperation and try to prevent dangers resulting from what we may call ubiquitous interaction. To work on these questions we will build the HCIS Ubiquitous Interaction Lab.



Best Poster Award EC-TEL 2015

For their submission Michael Prilla and Oliver Blunk received „Reflective TEL: Augmenting Learning Tools with Reflection Support“ den Best Poster Award der European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (ECTEL 2015).

Cover story in CACM November 2013: Michael Prilla has co-authored an article on “Technologies for Caring for People with Dementia” with colleagues from the MIRROR project, which has been chosen to be the cover story of CACM 11/2013. The article covers our work on the Talk Reflection App in combination with other apps from the project. Thanks to the other authors of this paper and to the IMTM MIRROR people for this achievement. You can view the article at

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