HCIS develops cooperative game at the Mensch und Computer 2016 conference

During this year's Mensch und Computer 2016 (http://muc2016.mensch-und-computer.de/) conference BBC Micro Bits (http://microbit.org/) were handed out to attendees. The BBC Micro Bit is a mini-computer (approximately half the size of a credit card), equipped with Bluetooth, USB, and a 5x5 LED matrix serving as the display. In order to show what possibilities these small computers possess the task was to create a small sample application based on the BBC Micro Bit. Luckily we did not just get one BBC Micro Bit, but instead we got two! Thus, we could work on cooperative applications as well.

After a somewhat longer brainstorming session we decided to create a small competitive game. Each player carries a Micro Bit which acts as a step counter and transmits the current step count within the current network. Players only see their current rank based on all players. This was designed on purpose to raise motivation of players to just go some more steps as they might get a new rank.

The video shows a short presentation of the interaction of the two Micro Bits. Developing the small application was definitely fun and we want to thank the organizers of the Mensch und Computer 2016 Conference for the fun experience.


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