Embedded Systems


Embedded systems typically are electronical, digital systems. These are linked with higher-level systems or machines of which they are parts. Embedded system are not obvious and public recognisable as 'computers' itself  but as integral components.

The workgroup 'Eingebettete Systeme' (ESC, Embedded Systems Group Clausthal) hosted at the department of informatics of the clausthal university of technology deals with architectures, development and deployment of such embedded systems. Core areas of this work are:

· Observabilty

· Real-time behaviour

· (functional) Safety

Observability of programable systems contains the development of architectures and algorithms to detect misbehaviour i.e. deviation from intended characteristics as soon as possible. These mistakes may derive from corrupted data, falsified behavior over time or (dead-)locks within program execution.

Because of this, obserability is the base of functional safety and real-time capability.


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