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M.Sc. Computer Science

Beginning in 2007/2008, Clausthal University of Technology will offer its Master Programme in Computer Science. Focusing on the management of complex systems, it allows students to obtain a degree that is comparable to the former Diploma. In addition, students will learn to work scientifically in groups as well as on their own, which allows the student to pursue a further Ph.D. career. First, the programme teaches advanced fundamental computer science theory. Then, students can choose among a number of research areas, in which they will specialize. Our seminars, student projects, and master theses bring the students into direct contact with current ongoing research.

Only students with a B.Sc degree in Computer Science/Information Systems or another related area may enroll on this Programme. Students who received their degree from Clausthal University can enroll online. At Clausthal University, we not only develop students' technical skills and knowledge, but also try to further their social skills.

During this programme students will learn theories, methods, and architectures that allow the development, analysis, optimization, and management of complex systems. The curriculum offers the following areas for specialization:

  • Human-Centred Computing
  • Parallel, Distributed, and Networked Computation
  • Computer Engineering

The knowledge that students gain in these areas can then be applied and furthered in one of the following application domains:

  • Simulation in Material Sciences
  • Processes in Production
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Information Engineering
  • mathematical Methods in Complex Systems


Duration of study: 4 terms
Grade: Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Our M.Sc. programme is comprised of the following seven building blocks:

  • Advanced Fundamental Computer Science Theory
  • Applied Maths
  • General Basics
  • Computer Science of Complex Systems
  • Interdisciplinary Applications of Complex Information Systems
  • Student Project / Seminar
  • Master Thesis

You can find the model curriculum here: Modellstudienplan M.Sc. Informatik. More details can be found in the Ausführungsbestimmungen.

Building blocks

Advanced Fundamental Computer Science Theory: students learn advanced fundamental theory as well as gaining special knowledge within core areas of computer science, such as software engineering, databases, distributed computing, networks and complexity theory.

Applied Maths: students deepen their knowledge and skills in mathematics by enrolling in two courses that are relevant to their area of specialization in computer science.

General Basics: students acquire additional basic knowledge from engineering and natural sciences, which they will need for their application domain. In addition students have the opportunity to increase their language abilities.

Computer Science of Complex Systems: students have the option to either gain a general overview of core areas of computer science or to specialise in one of the following areas: information systems, systems engineering, complex systems, computer graphics, and computational intelligence.

Interdisciplinary Applications of Complex Information Systems: students are to acquire the skills to deploy the methods and techniques they have learned in computer science in a mathematical or engineering area. Being a technical university, Clausthal University can offer a broad variety of interesting research oriented interdisciplinary application domains, which will surely help students gain an edge on the job market.

Student Project/Seminar: students can gain practical experience by working on student projects (possibly in industry) or in seminars. In addition, they will learn to read the English scientific literature and write up their results in a legible and scientific way.

Master Thesis:this is the final building block, where students can demonstrate their skills and abilities they have acquired during their studies. The thesis can be written in English or German.


Foreign applicants are supposed to apply via AAA. In addition to the documents requested by the AAA, students from outside the EU should provide the following:

  • a transcript of records that clearly states grades and credit-points,
  • a short description (at most 50 words) for each course of lectures that has been visited,
  • 1–2 pages curriculum vitae,
  • 1–2 pages the motivation for the application, and
  • two addresses of potential referees.

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