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Having a well design system is crucial for the system being accepted by users. The lecture aims to enable students to design technical socio-technical systems with the end user constantly in mind. Students are taught in conducting their own data gathering, prototyping of new systems and evaluating those systems together with end users. The lecture includes a hands-on project in which the students are putting the theory into while talking to users to design their own system, and later on evaluate it together with end users.

Serious Games

The lecture serious games covers games that have a serious purpose, for example to mediate educational content or to train motoric exercises. Besides examples of serious games, the lecture covers topics like gaming theory, game elements, human learning or motivation theory.

Basics of Programming
Programming is nowadays often called an essential skill everyone should posses. This lecture aims at economics students and teaches them the basics of software development. After attending this lecture students are able to write their own small programs.

Cooperation Systems

Coordination and common agreements are mandatory for successful cooperative work. When thinking about remote cooperative work or work over distance, missing communication channels might make the work even more difficult. Challenges that occur in cooperative systems are discussed in the lecture, like coordination, awareness or learning in the organization. During the semester the presented theories and principles of cooperative systems will be used practically in an accompanying project.

In the annual seminar covers different topics about recent developments in the area of ubiquitous computing. Students are held to work through scientific papers, search for further literature and present their results in the seminar.

Graduation work
We are supervising different theses on a continuous basis. You can find a list of completed bachelors' and masters' theses here. As we have new ideas for theses constantly, we do not keep a list of possible topics here. In case you are interested in writing your thesis at our department, please contact
Michael Prilla.


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 Basics of Programming

Cooperation Systems



 Serious Games

 Bachelor/Master project

Please be aware that due the Covid-19 pandemic, all of our lectures are held online only!


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