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Technical Reports



IfI has the following procedure for Technical Reports:

  • You can email the paper as a PDF file to the Technical Editor of the series: Tobias Ahlbrecht, email address: tobias.ahlbrecht  at
  • The paper will be reviewed within 2 weeks by two members of the IfI Review Board.
  • After approval, the paper will be published as an IfI Technical Report: a serial number will be allocated.
  • The reports will be published solely on the web.

There are only few requirements for a paper to be published within the series:

  • The paper is expected to be written in English or German;
  • At least one author should be affiliated with the Institute;
  • The paper must be accepted by two members of the IfI Review Board.

We do not require the paper to be unpublished: preliminary versions may have appeared at workshops with informal proceedings of limited availability. The paper is also allowed to be under submission or in print. Note that papers that have been published as IfI Technical Reports only, can still be submitted to a journal or a conference afterwards.

The Reports by Year


H. Richter, A. Keidel, R. Ledyayev
Über die Eignung von Clouds für das Hochleistungsrechnen (HPC)
Technical Report IfI-15-03, Clausthal University of Technology, July 2015.


Sebastian Lehnhoff
MATES Doctoral Consortium 2014
Technical Report IfI-14-04, Clausthal University of Technology, September 2014.

Harald Richter, Alexander Keidel
Hochleistungsrechnen und Echtzeit in virtualisierten Maschinen und Clouds - Die Intel Virtualisierungshilfen
Technical Report IfI-14-03, Clausthal University of Technology, December 2014.

Tobias Ahlbrecht, Jürgen Dix, Michael Köster, Philipp Kraus, Jörg P. Müller
A scalable runtime platform for multiagent-based simulation
Technical Report IfI-14-02, Clausthal University of Technology, March 2014.


Michael Köster, Federico Schlesinger, Jürgen Dix
The Multi-Agent Programming Contest 2012 Edition - Evaluation and Team Descriptions
Technical Report IfI-13-01, Clausthal University of Technology, December 2013.


Jan-Frederik Tadge, Niels Pinkwart
Web 2.0-basierte Alumni-Software
Technical Report IfI-12-05, Clausthal University of Technology, December 2012.

Christoph Knieke, Björn Schindler, Ursula Goltz, Andreas Rausch
Defining Domain Specific Operational Semantics for Activity Diagrams
Technical Report IfI-12-04, Clausthal University of Technology, December 2012.

Nils Bulling, Michael Köster, Matei Popovici
A Game Theoretic Approach for Stable Network Topologies in Opportunistic Networks
Technical Report IfI-12-03, Clausthal University of Technology, December 2012.

Tristan Behrens, Jürgen Dix, Jomi Hübner, Michael Köster, Federico Schlesinger
Multi-Agent Programming Contest 2011 Edition Evaluation and Team Descriptions
Technical Report IfI-12-02, Clausthal University of Technology, September 2012.

Tristan Behrens, Jürgen Dix, Jomi Hübner, Michael Köster, Federico Schlesinger
Multi-Agent Programming Contest 2011 Edition Documentation
Technical Report IfI-12-01, Clausthal University of Technology, April 2012.


Harald Klein and Eric Knaus and Andreas Rausch
(Towards) a systematic approach for planning collaboration in distributed software development
Technical Report IfI-11-02, Clausthal University of Technology, July 2011.


Michael Köster and Peter Lohmann
Abstraction for Model Checking Modular Interpreted Systems over ATL
Technical Report IfI-10-13, Clausthal University of Technology, October 2010.

Axel Zechner
Normkonforme Qualifizierung von Methoden und Werkzeugen mithilfe eines aktivitätsbasierten Qualitätsmodells der IEC 61508
Technical Report IfI-10-12, Clausthal University of Technology, December 2010.

René Fritzsche, Christian Ristig, Christian Siemers
An Approach and Design Pattern for Intra-Application Scheduling
Technical Report IfI-10-11, Clausthal University of Technology, December 2010.

Frank Loll, Christopher Mumme, Niels Pinkwart
Flattr this! Explorative Evaluation von Social (Micro-)Payments als alternatives Bezahlmodell
Technical Report IfI-10-10, Clausthal University of Technology, December 2010.

Tristan Behrens, Koen Hindriks, Jomi Hübner, Mehdi Dastani
Putting APL Platforms to the Test: Agent Similarity and Execution Performance
Technical Report IfI-10-09, Clausthal University of Technology, December 2010.

Jürgen Dix and Michael Fisher
Where Logic and Agents Meet
Technical Report IfI-10-08, Clausthal University of Technology, December 2010.

Harald Richter
Software-Orientierter Programmierstil bei VHDL
Technical Report IfI-10-07, Clausthal University of Technology, December 2010.

Marco Kuhrmann, Jürgen Münch, and Andreas Rausch
Mastering project-controlling using a process-integrated project cockpit
Technical Report IfI-10-06, Clausthal University of Technology,May 2010.

Nils Bulling and Berndt Farwer
On the decidability of verifying resource-bounded agents
Technical Report IfI-10-05, Clausthal University of Technology, May 2010.

Daniel Mohr and Gabriel Zachmann
Fast: Fast adaptive silhouette area based template matching
Technical Report IfI-10-04, Clausthal University of Technology, July 2010

Carsten Giesemann and Günter Kemnitz
Developing a power supply solution for a mobile robot
Technical Report IfI-10-03, Clausthal University of Technology, February 2010.

Barbara Hammer and Alexander Hasenfuss
Topographic Mapping of Large Dissimilarity Data Sets
IfI-10-01, January 2010, 56 pp.


Jacek Blazewicz, Klaus Ecker, Barbara Hammer (Eds.)
ICOLE 2009, Lessach, Austria
IfI-09-12, November 2009, 141 pp.

J. C. Acosta Guadarrama
Maintaining Sequences of Knowledge Bases in ASP
IfI-09-11, October 2009, 34 pp.

Tristan M. Behrens, Jürgen Dix, Koen V. Hindriks
Towards an Environment Interface Standard for Agent-Oriented Programming
IfI-09-09, September 2009, 40 pp.

Jürgen Dix, Michael Fisher and Peter Novák (eds.)
Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Computational Logic in Multi-Agent Systems 2009
IfI-09-08, September 2009, 219 pp.

Dietmar Sommerfeld and Harald Richter
A Novel Approach to Workflow Scheduling in MediGRID
IfI-09-07, July 2009, 26 pp.

Janko Heilgeist, Thomas Soddemann, and Harald Richter
Distributed Decision Making for Metaschedulers
IfI-09-06, June 2009, 68 pp.

Harald Richter
Elektronik und Datenkommunikation im Automobil
IfI-09-05, May 2009, 15 pp.

Nils Bulling and Wojciech Jamroga
What Agents Can Probably Enforce
IfI-09-04, April 2009, 21 pp.

Bin Dong, Nira Dyn, and Kai Hormann
Properties of Dual Pseudo-Splines
IfI-09-03, April 2009, 10 pp.

Nils Bulling and Koen V. Hindriks
Communicating Rational Agents: Semantics and Verification
IfI-09-02, March 2009, 17 pp.

Daniel Mohr and Gabriel Zachmann
Continuous Edge Gradient-Based Template Matching for Articulated Objects
IfI-09-01, February 2009, 20 pp.


Peter Novák
Communication Platform for Open Heterogeneous MASs
IfI-08-13, December 2008, 5 pp.

Juan Carlos Acosta Guadarrama
Update Operation in ASP Revisited
IfI-08-12, December 2008, 13 pp.

Günter Kemnitz, Hossam A. Ramadan, and Carsten Giesemann
Towards More Comprehensive Measurable Dependability
IfI-08-11, December 2008, 11 pp.

Jan Friedrich, Andreas Rausch, and Marc Sihling (Eds.)
SEE 2008 Conference Proceedings
IfI-08-10, December 2008, 643 pp.

Rene Weller and Gabriel Zachmann
Inner Sphere Trees
IfI-08-09, October 2008, 25 pp.

Petra Schneider, Michael Biehl, and Barbara Hammer
Matrix Adaptation in Discriminative Vector Quantization
IfI-08-08, October 2008. Revised version: December 2008, 23 pp.

Banchar Arnonkijpanich, Barbara Hammer, and Alexander Hasenfuss
Local Matrix Adaptation in Topographic Neural Maps
IfI-08-07, September 2008, 32 pp.

Jacek Blazewicz, Klaus Ecker, and Barbara Hammer (eds.)
ICOLE-2008, German-Polish Workshop on Computational Biology, Scheduling and Machine Learning. Lessach, Austria, 9.06.-13.06.2008
IfI-08-06, August 2008, 73 pp.

Tristan M. Behrens, Jürgen Dix, Mehdi Dastani, Michael Köster, and Peter Novák
Technical Foundations of the Agent Contest 2008
IfI-08-05, December 2008, 29 pp.

Kai Hormann
Efficient Evaluation of Interpolating Cubic Polynomials
IfI-08-04, August 2008, 9 pp.

Nils Bulling, Wojciech Jamroga, and Jürgen Dix
Reasoning about Temporal Properties of Rational Play
IfI-08-03, September 2008, 76 pp.

Wojciech Jamroga, Thomas Ågotnes, and Wiebe van der Hoek
A Simpler Semantics for Abilities under Uncertainty
IfI-08-02, May 2008, 17 pp.

Thomas Ågotnes, Valentin Goranko, and Wojciech Jamroga
Strategic Commitment and Release in Logics for Multi-Agent Systems (Extended abstract)
IfI-08-01, May 2008, 15 pp.


Mehdi Dastani, Jürgen Dix, and Peter Novák
Agent Contest Competition - 3rd edition
IfI-07-15, December 2007, 24 pp.

Hannes Olivier and Niels Pinkwart
Collaborative Virtual Environments – Hype or Hope for CSCW?
IfI-07-14, December 2007, 11 pp.

Nira Dyn, Kai Hormann, Malcolm A. Sabin, and Zuowei Shen
Polynomial Reproduction by Symmetric Subdivision Schemes
IfI-07-13, November 2007, 17 pp.

Dietmar Sommerfeld, Thomas Lingner, and Harald Richter
Stepwise Enabling of AUGUSTUS for MediGRID
IfI-07-12, November 2007, 26 pp.

Wojciech Jamroga
Markov Temporal Logic
IfI-07-11, November 2007, 30 pp.

Peter Novák
An Open Agent Architecture: Fundamentals
IfI-07-10, November 2007. Revised version: February 2008, 20 pp.

Wojciech Jamroga
Knowledge and Strategic Ability for Model Checking: A Refined Approach
IfI-07-09, December 2007, 21 pp.

Markus Melato, Barbara Hammer, and Kai Hormann
Neural Gas for Surface Reconstruction
IfI-07-08, November 2007, 13 pp.

Jan Friedrich, Andreas Rausch, and Marc Sihling (Eds.)
SEE 2007 Conference Proceedings
IfI-07-07, November 2007, 600 pp. (filesize: 61.7 MB)

Nira Dyn, Michael S. Floater, and Kai Hormann
Four-Point Curve Subdivision Based on Iterated Chordal and Centripetal Parameterizations
IfI-07-06, October 2007, 9 pp.

Wojciech Jamroga and Nils Bulling
Model Checking Rational Play
IfI-07-05, December 2007, 21 pp.

Tristan M. Behrens and Juergen Dix
LTL Model Checking with Logic Based Petri Nets
IfI-07-04, August 2007, 12 pp.

Tristan M. Behrens and Juergen Dix
Model Checking with Logic Based Petri Nets
IfI-07-02, August 2007, 18 pp.

Barbara Hammer and Alexander Hasenfuss
Relational Topographic Maps
IfI-07-01, April 2007, 21 pp. [bibtex]


Wojciech Jamroga and Thomas Ågotnes
Modular Interpreted Systems: A Preliminary Report
IfI-06-15, December 2006, 22 pp. [bibtex]

Michael Biehl, Barbara Hammer, and Petra Schneider
Matrix Learning in Learning Vector Quantization
IfI-06-14, December 2006, 15 pp. [bibtex]

Mehdi Dastani, Juergen Dix, and Peter Novak
The Second Contest on Multi-Agent Systems based on Computational Logic
IfI-06-13, November 2006, 20 pp. [bibtex]

Peter Novak and Juergen Dix
Adding Structure to Agent Programming Languages
IfI-06-12, November 2006, 19 pp. [bibtex]

Alexander Greß and Gabriel Zachmann
GPU-ABiSort: Optimal Parallel Sorting on Stream Architectures
IfI-06-11, October 2006, 36 pp. [bibtex]

Wojciech Jamroga and Juergen Dix
Model Checking Abilities under Incomplete Information Is Indeed Delta2-complete
IfI-06-10, October 2006, 14 pp. [bibtex]

Barbara Hammer, Alexander Hasenfuss, Frank-Michael Schleif, and Thomas Villmann
Supervised Median Clustering
IfI-06-09, September 2006, 10 pp. [bibtex]

Kai Hormann and Malcolm A. Sabin
A Family of Subdivision Schemes with Cubic Precision
IfI-06-08, July 2006, 16 pp. [bibtex]

Harald Richter and Dietmar Sommerfeld
Efficiently Reprogramming Boolean Functions by sTCAM/RAM
IfI-06-07, June 2006, 14 pp. [bibtex]

Michael S. Floater and Kai Hormann
Barycentric Rational Interpolation with no Poles and High Rates of Approximation
IfI-06-06, May 2006, 15 pp. [bibtex]

Nils Bulling and Wojciech Jamroga
Agents, Beliefs, and Plausible Behavior in a Temporal Setting
IfI-06-05, May 2006, 23 pp. [bibtex]

Jürgen Dix and Anthony Hunter (eds.)
Proceedings of the 11th Workshop on Nonmonotonic Reasoning
IfI-06-04, May 2006, 523 pp. [bibtex]

Kai Hormann and Johannes Zimmer
On Landau Theory and Symmetric Energy Landscapes for Phase Transitions
IfI-06-03, April 2006, 26 pp. [bibtex]

Wojciech Jamroga and Juergen Dix
Model Checking Abilities of Agents: A Closer Look
IfI-06-02, April 2006, 40 pp. [bibtex]


Abdelaziz Guerrouat, Harald Richter
Reuse of Test Generation Methods for Embedded Systems
IfI-05-13, November 2005, 12pp.

Taras Dudykevych, Günter Hahn, Harald Richter, José Hinz, Inéz Frerichs, Onnen Moerer, Gerhard Hellige
Dynamic Functional EIT Imaging (df-EIT) – A New Concept for Monitoring Effects on Regional Lung Function Induced by Respiratory Therapy
IfI-05-12, November 2005, 11 pp.

Taras Dudykevych, Harald Richter, Günter Hahn, Inéz Frerichs, Jóse Hinz and Gerhard Hellige
Software and Operational Concept for EIT-Based Regional Lung Function Monitoring
IfI-05-11, November 2005, 12 pp.

Wojciech Jamroga and Thomas Ågotnes
Constructive Knowledge: What Agents Can Achieve under Incomplete Information
IfI-05-10, October 2005, 22 pp.

Marek A. Bednarczyk, Wojciech Jamroga and Wieslaw Pawlowski
Expressing and Verifying Temporal and Structural Properties of Mobile Agents
IfI-05-09, September 2005, 22 pp.

Wojciech Jamroga, Wiebe van der Hoek and Michael Wooldridge
Intentions and Strategies in Game-Like Scenarios
IfI-05-08, July 2005, 17 pp.

Juergen Dix, Yingqian Zhang
IMPACT: A multi-agent framework with declarative semantics
IfI-05-07, April 2005, 26 pp.

Wojciech Jamroga, Wiebe van der Hoek
Strategic Ability under Uncertainty
IfI-05-06, February 2005, 10 pp.

Kai Hormann
Barycentric Coordinates for Arbitrary Polygons in the Plane
IfI-05-05, February 2005, 22 pp.

Juergen Dix, Sarit Kraus, V.S. Subrahmanian
Heterogeneous Temporal Probabilistic Agents
IfI-05-03, February 2005, 55 pp.

Juergen Dix, Wolfgang Faber, V.S. Subrahmanian
The Relationship between Reasoning about Privacy and Default Logics
IfI-05-02, February 2005, 14 pp.

Juergen Dix, Ugur Kuter, Dana Nau
Planning in Answer Set Programming using Ordered Task Decomposition
IfI-05-01, February 2005, 54 pp.

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