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Hammer, B. and Hasenfuss, A. and Schleif, F.-M. and Villmann, T.: Supervised Batch Neural Gas, Springer Verlag, 2006

Hammer, B. and Hasenfuss, A. and Villmann, Th.: Magnification Control for Batch Neural Gas, d-side publications, 2006

Hammer, B. and Neubauer, N.: On the capacity of unsupervised recursive neural networks for symbol processing, 2006

Hammer, B. and Villmann, Th. and Schleif, F.-M. and Albani, C. and Hermann, W.: Learning vector quantization classification with local relevance determination for medical data, LNAI, Volume 4029, Springer, 2006

Harneit, S. and Tadjine, H. H. and Reuter, M. and Skorupskaite, V. and Rosendo Valez, B.: Online-Tracking System for a Robotic Multi-Agent System, Volume 1, Kauno Technologuos Universitetas, 2006

Jamroga, W.: On the Relationship between Playing Rationally and Knowing how to Play: A Logical Account, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Volume 4314, Springer, 2006

Jamroga, W. and Ågotnes, T.: What Agents Can Achieve under Incomplete Information, ACM Press, 2006

Jamroga, W. and Dix, J.: Model Checking Abilities under Incomplete Information is Indeed Delta2-complete, 2006

Novák, Peter and Dix, Jürgen: Modular BDI architecture, ACM, 2006

Reuter, M. and Rosendo Valez, B. and Harneit, S. and Skorupskaite, V.: Moisture Effects in Soils Using a Frequency Domain Metal Detector, TSI, 2006

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