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Villmann, T. and Schleif, F.-M. and Hammer, B.: Comparison of relevance learning vector quantization with other metric adaptive classification methods, Neural Networks, Volume 19, 2006

Vodegel, S. and Davidovic, M. and Harpeng, J. and Reindorf, T. and Tadjine, H. and Tölle, R. and Reuter, M.: Optimierte Ausbeute. Am Beispiel einer Technikumsanlage entwickelten Wissenschaftler innovative Regelungssyteme für Rostfeuerungen, MüLLMAGAZIN, Rhombos Verlag, Berlin, 2006

Cottrell, Marie and Hammer, Barbara and Villmann, Thomas: New Aspects in Neurocomputing., Neurocomputing, Volume 63, 2005

DasGupta, Bhaskar and Hammer, Barbara: On approximate learning by multi-layered feedforward circuits., Theoretical Computer Science, Volume 348, 2005

Dix, J. and Eiter, T.: Answer Set Programming and Agents, Agentlink, Volume 19, November 2005

Ecker, K. and Gupta, J. N. D.: Scheduling Tasks on a Flexible Manufacturing Machine to Minimize Tool Change Delays, European Journal of Operational Research, Volume 164, 2005

Gersmann, K. and Hammer, B.: Improving iterative repair strategies for scheduling with the SVM, Neurocomputing, Volume 63, 2005

Hammer, B. and Micheli, A. and Sperduti, A.: Universal approximation capability of cascade correlation for structures, Neural Computation, Volume 17, 2005

Hammer, B. and Strickert, M. and Villmann, T.: Supervised neural gas with general similarity measure, Neural Processing Letters, Volume 21, 2005

Hammer, B. and Strickert, M. and Villmann, T.: On the generalization ability of GRLVQ networks, Neural Processing Letters, Volume 21, 2005

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