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Dix, Jürgen and Eiter, Thomas and Fink, Michael and Polleres, Axel and Zhang, Yingqian: Monitoring Agents using Declarative Planning, Fundamenta Informaticae, Volume 57, 2003

Dix, Jürgen and Munoz-Avila, Hector and Nau, Dana and Zhang, Lingling: IMPACTing SHOP: Putting an AI Planner into a Multi-Agent Environment, Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence, Volume 37, 2003

Hammer, Barbara and Gersmann, Kai: A Note on the Universal Approximation Capability of Support Vector Machines, Neural Processing Letters, Volume 17, 2003

Hammer, Barbara and Ti~no, Peter: Recurrent Neural Networks with Small Weights Implement Definite Memory Machines, Neural Computation, Volume 15, 2003

Ti~no, Peter and Hammer, Barbara: Architectural Bias in Recurrent Neural Networks: Fractal Analysis, Neural Computation, Volume 15, 2003

Villmann, Th. and Merényi, E. and Hammer, B.: Neural maps in remote sensing image analysis, Neural Networks, Volume 16, 2003

Dix, Jürgen and Chesnevar, C. and Stolzenburg, F. and Simari, G.: Relating Defeasible and Normal Logic Programming through Transformation Properties, Theoretical Computer Science, Volume 290, 2002

Hammer, B.: Recurrent neural networks for structured data - a unifying approach and its properties, Cognitive Systems Research, Volume 3, 2002

Hammer, B. and Villmann, Th.: Generalized Relevance Learning Vector Quantization, Neural Networks, Volume 15, 2002

Schlechta, Karl and Dix, Jürgen: Explaining Updates by minimal Sums, Theoretical Computer Science, Volume 266, 2002

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