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Huhn, Michaela and Bessling, Sara: Enhancing Product Line Development by Safety Requirements and Verification, LNCS, Springer, 2013

Bessling, Sara and Huhn, Michaela: Formal Safety Analysis and Verification in the Model Driven Development of a Pacemaker Product Line, 2012

Klar, Dennis and Huhn, Michaela: Interfaces and Models for the Diagnosis of Cyber-Physical Ecosystems, IEEE, 2012

Klar, Dennis and Huhn, Michaela: Integration domänenspezifischer Modellierung in der Diagnose von Automatisierungssystemen, 2012

Klar, Dennis and Huhn, Michaela: Diagnosis and Diagnosability Based on a Symptom Propagation and Transformation Model, IEEE, 2012

Werner, Patrick and Gerken, Stefan and Huhn, Michaela: GSN_M-Edit: Ein modellgetriebener Editor für modulare GSN-Argumentationen, 2012

Chen, Wuzhu and Huhn, Michaela and Fritzson, Peter: A Generic FMU Interface for Modelica, 2011

Daskaya, Ilays and Huhn, Michaela and Milius, Stefan: Formal Safety Analysis in Industrial Practice, LNCS, Volume 6959, 2011

Görmer, Jana and Homoceanu, Gianina and Mumme, Christopher and Huhn, Michaela and Müller, Jörg P.: JRep: Extending Repast Simphony for JADE Agent Behavior Components, 2011

Homoceanu, Gianina and Huhn, Michaela: Tool Support for Agent-based Systems in Ptolemy., 2011

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