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Acosta Guadarrama, J. C. and Dix, Jürgen and Osorio, Mauricio: Updating Pairs in MG-ASP Based on Refined Principles, Research in Computing Science, Volume 20, IEEE Computer Society, Louisville, KY, USA, 2006

Bednarczyk, M. A. and Jamroga, W. and Pawlowski, W.: Expressing and Verifying Temporal and Structural Properties of Mobile Agents, Fundamenta Informaticae, Volume 72, IOS Press, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, January 2006

Biehl, Michael and Ghosh, Anarta and Hammer, Barbara: Learning vector quantization: The dynamics of winner-takes-all algorithms, Neurocomputing, Volume 69, 2006

Cottrell, M. and Hammer, B. and Hasenfuss, A. and Villmann, T.: Batch and Median Neural Gas, Neural Networks, Volume 19, 2006

Dix, J. and Kraus, S. and Subrahmanian, V. S.: Heterogenous Temporal Probabilistic Agents, ACM Transactions of Computational Logic, Volume 7, ACM Press, New York, 2006

Ghosh, A. and Biehl, M. and Hammer, B.: Performance analysis of LVQ algorithms: a statistical physics approach, Neural Networks, Volume 19, 2006

Hammer, B. and Villmann, Th.: Effizient Klassifizieren und Clustern: Lernparadigmen von Vektorquantisierern, Künstliche Intelligenz, Volume 3, 2006

Strickert, M. and Seiffert, U. and Sreenivasulu, N. and Weschke, W. and Villmann, T. and Hammer, B.: Generalized relevance LVQ (GRLVQ) with correlation measures for gene expression analysis, Neurocomputing, Volume 69, 2006

Villmann, T. and Hammer, B. and Schleif, F.-M. and Geweniger, T. and Herrmann, W.: Fuzzy Classification by Fuzzy Labeled Neural Gas, Neural Networks, Volume 19, 2006

Villmann, T. and Schleif, F.-M. and Hammer, B.: Prototype-based fuzzy classification with local relevance for proteomics, Neurocomputing, Volume 69, 2006

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