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Hammer, Barbara and Saunders, Craig and Sperduti, Alessandro: Special issue on neural networks and kernel methods for structured domains, Neural Networks, Volume 18, 2005

Strickert, M. and Hammer, B.: Merge SOM for temporal data, Neurocomputing, Volume 64, 2005

Strickert, M. and Hammer, B. and Blohm, S.: Unsupervised recursive sequences processing, Neurocomputing, Volume 63, 2005

Brass, Stefan and Dix, Jürgen and Przymusinski, Teodor: Super Logic Programs, ACM Transactions of Computational Logic, Volume 5, ACM Press, New York, 2004

Dix, J. and Öczan, F. and Subrahmanian, V. S.: Improving Performance of Heavily Loaded Agents, Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence, Volume 41, 2004

Drews, Frank and Ecker, Klaus H. and Kao, Odej and Schomann, Silke: Strategies For Workload Balancing In Cluster-Based Image Databases, Parallel Processing Letters, Volume 14, 2004

Goranko, V. and Jamroga, W.: Comparing Semantics of Logics for Multi-agent Systems, Synthese, Volume 139, 2004

Hammer, B. and Micheli, A. and Sperduti, A. and Strickert, M.: Recursive self-organizing network models, Neural Networks, Volume 17, 2004

Hammer, B. and Micheli, A. and Sperduti, A. and Strickert, M.: A general framework for unsupervised processing of structured data, Neurocomputing, Volume 57, 2004

Jamroga, W. and van der Hoek, W.: Agents that Know how to Play, Fundamenta Informaticae, Volume 63, IOS, Amsterdam,NL, 2004

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