Courses Overview

Our teaching centers around formal methods in Computer Science.

Bachelor Courses

We are teaching the following  Bachelor courses:


Informatik III: Chomsky hierarchy, finite automata, push-down automata, Turing machines, (un-) decidability, P/NP, basics of complexity classes within PSPACE.


Artificial Intelligence: Search, knowledge representation and reasoning, calculi for propositional and first-order logic, Hoare calculus, supervised learning, planning, neural nets.


Multiagent Systems I: Agents, Multiagent Systems, Agent Oriented Programming, Multi-Agent Programming Contest.

Master Courses

Additionally, we teach the following Master courses:


Multiagent Sytems II: Decision Making as Games (von Neumann and Nashs theorem, Extensive Form Games, Iterated Prisoners dilemma, Bayesian Games), Decision Making as Social Choice (Classical Voting Systems, Social Choice Theory, Mechanism Design, Auctions), Contract Nets, Coalition Formation, From Modal to Dynamic Logic, Linear and Branching Time Logics, Strategic Logics.


Modal Logic: Modal Logic and relation to first-order logic, normal modal logics, sound/completeness, filtrations, public announcement logic, invariance results, bisimultaions (ultrafilter and saturations), van Benthems characterization theorem.


Complexity Theory: Chomsky Hierarchy revisited (Immerman-Scelepcsenyi, Chomsky-Schützenberger, Myhill-Nerode), Ehrenfeucht Hypothesis, Lindenmayer systems, Makanins result, PCP, Grzegorczyk-hierarchy, Hilberts problem theorem of Rice, degrees of unsolvability, complexity classes, speed-up-, union-, gap-theorem, Savitichs theorem, Hopcroft/Paul/Valiants theorem, polynomial hierarchy, EXPTIME/EXPSPACE, Presburger arithmetic, quantifier elimination, Fagins theorem.

Additional Master Courses

  • Verification of Concurrent Systems (Verifikation von Parallelen Systemen)
  • Introduction to the Modelling and Analysis of Security Protocols

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