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Additional material for lecturers

Multi-Agent Programming - Languages, Platforms and Applications
Bordini, R.H.; Dastani, M.; Dix, J.; El Fallah Seghrouchni, A. (ed.)
Series/In: Multiagent Systems, Artificial Societies, and Simulated Orgaizations, Vol. 15
ISBN: 0-387-24568-5
Hardcover/Springer Verlag/2005, June

Here you can find additional material for the book Multi-Agent Programming - Languages, Platforms and Applications. The zip-archive below contains slides for all 9 chapters of the book in LaTeX designed for the use of the LaTeX Beamer Class.


  • Chapter 1: Jason
  • Chapter 2: 3APL
  • Chapter 3: Claim Sympa
  • Chapter 4: Impact
  • Chapter 5: Jade
  • Chapter 6: Jadex
  • Chapter 7: Jack
  • Chapter 8: Defacto
  • Chapter 9: Artimis


You can download the complete set of slides. The sources are available on request.

Made available by Prof. Jürgen Dix, Clausthal University of Technology with many thanks to Cand.-Inf. Michael Köster


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