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Chair of Technial Informatics and Computer Systems (Prof. Richter)
Cadence University Program Member

  • What is the the Academic Network Initiative?

  • For teaching and learning, the CTOS tool is used by the chair as follows:

  • Teaching:
    • Seminar “Hardware Description Languages and their Software Tools“

    • Module “FPGA Programming with SystemC“

  • Research:
    • Project CR4 - A Real-Time Computer Network with Transparent Transport of Field Bus and LAN Data

    • CR4 is the forth result of the long-term ‘CarRing‘ project, which has started in 2005. The main feature of CR4 is its ‘Transparent Mode‘, which allows to connect in isocronous or in hard real time up to 4096 local area networks or field busses of all kinds and mixtures to the same amount of CR4 nodes. Each CR4 node transports its input data to any other node or node subset without user intervention. The user only has to configure which node serves for which field bus or local area network, and where the corresponding output nodes should be. Application areas for CR4 are in real-time communication-systems inside of land, air, and space vehicles and in process and factory automation. The effective bandwidth per CR4 node is approx. 1.9 Gbit/s, and the inter-node latency is about 250 ns per ring. Each node is implemented in one FPGA.

    • CR4 falls into the categories of “Custom IC“ and „Digital IC“

  • Contact information: Prof. Richter, TU Clausthal, hri(at)tu-clausthal.de

  • Last update: 20th of July 2016




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