• Implementing a model checker for Computation Tree Logic with plausibility
    Type: Master thesis
    Description: First, the student should work in (modal) logics and the theory of model checking. Modelling of incomplete information and knowledge in Kripke structures play a decisive role and should be familiarized with. Then, some existing model checkers for CTL (Computation Tree Logic) should be compared. Secondly, a model checker for CTLKP formulae (an extension of CTL with knowledge, belief, and plausibility)should be developed. This part can be designed more theoretically or practically, depending of the student's preferences.
  • Rational Agents in Multi-agent Systems
    Type: Practica, Studienarbeit, Bachelor-,Master theses
    Description: Different topics in the area of Mutli-agent systems, logics, game theory, model checker, etc. are available. All topics can be tuned according to the students interests and abilities.

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