Clemens Hoffmann

External PhD student

Current activities

  • Researcher at Volkswagen AG in the aftersales

Research interest
I am interested in human-computer interaction, especially in the industrial context. In my research I try to support the work in garages with augmented reality.

From October 2018 external student at Clausthal University of Technology
2018 Master of Science (mechanical engineering) at Hochschule Hannover


Hoffmann, C., Büttner, S., Prilla, M., & Wundram, K. (2020). Impact of Augmented Reality Guidance for Car Repairs on Novice Users of AR - A Field Experiment on Familiar and Unfamiliar Tasks. Proceedings of Mensch Und Computer 2020.


Clemens Hoffmann
Prozesse & Marktentwicklung (VSS/2)
Volkswagen AG
Brieffach 011/19410
Daimlerstr. 10
38436 Wolfsburg

Tel.: + 49 5361 9 124031

Clemens.Hoffmann  at


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