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Three new projects in 2021

Most likely we will start three new projects on AI, Chatbots and Augmented Reality in 2021. We are excited about these new tasks and thanks our project partners from Lower Saxony and the Rhein/Ruhr area.[more]


Study on user interfaces for the consultant in furniture consulting

When advising from a distance, it is not only important to provide a well usable software for the customer, but also to design a meaningful consulting environment for the furniture consultant. In our previous study, we already...[more]


The effects of consultant avatar size and dynamics on customer trust in online consultations

In online furniture consultations it is of utmost importance that the customer perceives their consultant as present, trusts them and is generally satisfied with the consultation. To support this, virtual furniture and the...[more]


Training of new employees with Augmented Reality

Idw-online has written a report on the paper "Augmented Reality Training for Industrial Assembly Work – Are Projection-based AR Assistive Systems an Appropriate Tool for Assembly Training?" with the title: Einarbeitung...[more]


Development Platform Innovative Care (InCa4D)

The funding notice for the new project "Entwicklungsplattform Innovative Pflege (InCa4D)" was handed over.[more]


The inventor of the Pflegebrille

Eyebizz, which reports on the optics industry, has written an article about the Pflegebrille 2.0 with the title: "Der Erfinder der Pflegebrille".[more]


Innovativ smart glasse in care: Pflegebrille 2.0

The health plattform Krankenkassenzentrale recently published an article about project Pflegebrille 2.0 with the title: "Innovative Datenbrille in der Pflege: Pflegebrille 2.0" [more]

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