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B.Sc. Computer Science/Business Information Systems

As of the winter semester 2006/07 Clausthal University of Technology offers the Bachelor Programme B.Sc. Computer Science/Business Information Systems which is unique in Germany and was accredited by the famous ASIIN. In this Programme you can choose between six innovative areas of specialisation that offer an individual combination of courses in; Computer Science, Business Studies, Engineering Science, and Mathematics. This diversity enables you to prepare for your professional career in the best possible way.

Furthermore, if you are uncertain about which Programme you want to study, whether it is Computer Science, Business Information Systems or something technical, you are able to switch programmes without problems within the first year of study.

Here at the Department of Informatics you will encounter a young and dynamic team of professors, lecturers and staff members. In our courses the students start by learning the basics of Computer Science and continue on to learn about attractive and more specialised subject areas, like Computer Graphics, Computational Intelligence, and Robotics. You benefit such as Computer Graphics, Computational Intelligence and Robotics. Students here benefit from the fact that Clausthal University of Technology is a smaller then average university. With an average ratio of 25 students per professor we can offer a superior Mentoring Programme and moreover, crowded auditoriums and sitting on stairs are things that you won't find in Clausthal.

Another benefit of Clausthal is the wonderful location midst the beautiful nature of the Harz Mountains, providing many opportunities for outdoor activity. During the summer you can bathe and swim in the numerous lakes, raft on rivers or go hiking or cycling in the forests. During the winter you have the opportunity for skiing, ice skating or even trying out dog sled racing. The Department of Sports offers a wide range of sports which is considered one of the best in Germany.

More general information about studying at the Department of Informatics can be found in the category Studies.


Structure of the Programme

Duration of study: 6 semesters
Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Start: winter and summer term

The Programme has a modular course structure. The first year of study consists of compulsory courses which communicate the necessary fundamental knowledge. In the second and third years study consists of different compulsory courses, depending on the chosen main focuses (Computer Science, Business Information Systems, or Computer Engineering) which communicate further fundamental knowledge and a specialisation in specific areas is reached by an individual combination of elective courses. The Programme is finished by writing a Bachelor Thesis.

First year compulsory courses

  • Fundamentals of Computer Science
  • Fundamentals of Mathematics
  • Introduction into Programming

Second and third year compulsory courses

  • Business Information Systems
  • Software Engineering
  • Database Systems
  • Computer Architecture
  • Advanced fundamentals of Mathmatics
  • Advanced Programming
  • Business Economics
  • and more

Elective courses

  • Computer Graphics
  • Computational Intelligence
  • Bioinformatics
  • Parallel Algorithms
  • Computer Networks
  • Mobile Communications
  • Distributed Systems
  • and more


Important Links: Allgemeine Prüfungsordnung (APO), Ausführungsbestimmungen (AFB)

Main Focuses

At Clausthal University of Technology the Bachelor Programme Computer Science/Business Information Systems offers the opportunity to choose a main focus from according to the main fields of Computer Science:

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Business Information Systems

Upon registration for the Bachelor Programme one of these three main focuses needs to be opted for. If the main focuses Computer Science or Business Information Systems are chosen then certain areas of specialisation can be chosen.

Main Focus Computer Science

For the main focus Computer Sciencetwo alternative Model Curricula are available which realise different areas of specialisation. With these specialisations the Bachelor Programme can be adjusted to individual interests.

Apart from the necessary mathematical fundamentals students choosing this main focus will study the fields of; Communications and Distributed Systems, Parallel Algorithms, Engineering of Distributed and Parallel Software Systems, Soft Computing, Modelling and Simulation, and Grid Computing.

  • Specialisation area Human-Centred Computing

    The courses included in this specialisation discuss the interaction between humans and machines with the aspects of User Interface Design, Ergonomics and Usability of Systems, Computational Intelligence, Computer Graphics and Multimedia, Visualisation in Simulation, Multi-Modality and Image Analysis. Apart from the big relevance in Computer Science, the principles of Human-Centred Computing are of great significance when it comes to the development of usable and safe innovative products.

    Modell Curriculum (winter start)     Modell Curriculum (summer start)
  • Specialisation area Parallel und Network Computing

    The courses in this specialisation discuss subject areas such as; Computing of Models, Computer Architectures, Methods of Analysis, Concepts, and Implementation and Management of complex Distributed Systems.

    Modell Curriculum (winter start)     Modell Curriculum (summer start)

Following the Bachelor degree, students choosing this main focus are able to proceed with the M.Sc. Computer Science at Clausthal University of Technology.

Main Focus Business Information Systems

For the main focus Business Information Systems, three alternative model Curricula are available which realise different areas of specialisation. With these specialisations the Bachelor Programme can be adjusted to individual interests and prospective Master Programmes.

  • Specialisation area Business Computing

    The focus of this specialisation is on Operational Information Systems and Business IT. Matters of Information Technology, especially Practical and Applied Computer Science play a major role. Apart from fundamentals of Business Studies, subject areas like Data and Process Management and Soft Computing/Computational Intelligence are outlined in detail.

    Modell Curriculum (winter start)     Modell Curriculum (summer start)

    Continuative Master Programme: M.Sc. Business Information Systems

  • Specialisation area Information Systems in the Industry

    In this specialisation students will learn about modelling and appliance of Information Systems in an industrial context. The main subject areas of this specialisation are; Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Factory and Plant Layout, Flow of Material and Logistics. Some courses in this specialisation also discuss aspects of Computer Engineering.

    Modell Curriculum (winter start)     Modell Curriculum (summer start)

    Continuative Master Programmes: M.Sc. Business Information Systems or Master Programmes in Engineering Sciences

  • Specialisation area Operations Research

    In this specialisation the main focus lies in the area of models and methods for decision support concerning complex systems, mathematical techniques in the field of Stochastics and Optimization play a major role. This specialisation is complemented by courses in Business Studies discussing subject areas such as Operations Management.

    Modell Curriculum (winter start)     Modell Curriculum (summer start)

    Continuative Master Programmes: M.Sc. Operations Research or M.Sc. Business Information Systems

Main Focus Computer Engineering

Giving a vocational qualification in the field of Computer Engineering, this main focus guides the student towards continuing on to study a Master Programme in Computer Engineering and Information Technology. From studying this main focus the student will gain a fundamental knowledge of Computer Science, Mathematics as well as other sciences. The main subject areas of this main focus include; Digital Technology, Computer Networks, Computer Architectures, Information Technology and certain fundamental subjects of Engineering and Science

Modell Curriculum (winter start)     Modell Curriculum (summer start)

Continuative Master Programmes: M.Sc. Computer Science or M.Sc. Information Technology


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