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Embedded Systems

Dr. Andreas Reinhardt currently holds an interim professor position for the chair of Embedded Systems.

Research Areas

The following research areas are currently addressed in the research and teaching activities of the distributed systems group:

  • Communication networks, especially wireless sensor networks (WSNs)
  • Communications in intelligent environments (smart spaces)
  • Communications in intelligent power grids (smart grids)
  • Middleware systems, especially to collect and process energy flow data

Thesis and project supervision

We offer student projects and thesis supervision for all of the above areas. Thesis offers are generally published on the notice board outside room 208 in the D3 building (Julius-Albert-Str. 4). Alternatively, you may contact us by email for open thesis topics.


Embedded Systems was lead by Prof. Dr. Christian Siemers until 30.09.2015. You can visit the archived pages by follwing this link.


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