Human AI Cooperation and Interaction Lab

"Like in human teams, the challenge is to create mutual trust between humans and robots" (Tranlated from this article)

In our Human AI Cooperation and Interaction Lab, we investigate the interaction between human and AI agents in application areas such as human robot cooperation and for technologies such as chatbots. Our main interest is in the impact of AI on the work, learning and cooperation of humans.

Our work is driven by the notion of „Human-Centered AI“, which was put forward by Riedl in 2019. In this paradigm, AI is designed to be a part of a larger socio-technical system. AI therefore need to include a socio-cultural understanding of humans and enable humans to interact with it.

In Human Robot Cooperation we investigate how humans and robots can act as teams and work together. This includes questions on whether and how insights from cooperation research such as forming trust in teams can be transferred to human robot teams. The goal is to build human robot teams that interact reciprocally.

For the interaction with chatbots, alongside the notion of human centered AI, we investigate how to design chatbots as cooperation partners. This includes questions such as whether and how chatbots should be embodied, how control flow can be transferred between chatbots and humans in group conversations, and whether and how sentiment analysis can improve the interaction with chatbots.


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