The demographic change in western societies is leading, on average, towards an older population in general. This however is directly challenging certain areas like the healthcare sector that have to provide sufficient resources (staff, capacities, etc.) to cope with those challenges. Problems that are faced in the context of formal care can contain things like exhausted capacities, no available qualified staff or even rural areas in which no formal care can be provided sufficiently.

In the project “Pflegebrille” we’re working in the sector of informal care that allows informal caregivers, like family members, to take care of their affected family members, for which the surroundings and the environment of their homes can make the circumstances of their health status more pleasant.

For this, we’re trying to adapt Smartglasses or Augmented Reality glasses in the field of informal intensive care to support informal caregivers in their everyday tasks by providing helping information on the screen, or by support via a streamed video call.

CC BY-SA 3.0 Klinikenhöxter

Informal caregivers usually have no medical qualification to provide sufficient knowledge for every situation in their daily care. To support them in every possible challenge they face, the Smartglasses contain not only important information for the caregiver, but have also the advantage that both hands can be kept free to operate machines, to change bandages, or do other things.

Michael PrillaMarc Janßen

The use of the pain management on the Pflegebrille

„Forschungsinnovationen der Gesundheitswirtschaft in der Metropolregion GmbH"

This movie of the Metropolregion contains a short contribution about the research project Pflegebrille including an interview wit Michael Prilla. The part about "Pflegebrille" starts at about 4:12 minutes.


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