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Model-based Systems Analysis and Simulation

The Model-based Systems Analysis and Simulation group has been established and lead by apl.Prof.Dr. Matthias Reuter. The key research area of group is Theory and Application of Neural Networks.

The division has long been working on Theory and Application of Neural Networks. Some of the application areas that have been worked on are as follows:

  • Predictive process control
  • Analysis of ground penetrating radar, sonar data
  • Diabetes management
  • Image analysis with neural nets

The division has been awarded in 2007 with the German Defense Industry Innovation Prize for their research on detection and identification of anti-personal landmines. Their research on detecting underground utility lines and their automatic entry into existing cadastral maps is nominated for Innovation Award from bauma in 2010. In the same year, the project received the award "Germany - Land of Ideas" from the President of Germany

The recent studies in this direction is mainly focused on automated analysis of sonar data for detection and identification of recessed material in North and Baltic Seas to ensure the safe establishment and operation of offshore wind turbines.

Division has been offering various modeling and simulation and cognitive science courses and seminars. These include undergraduate level Theory of Modeling and Simulation, and graduate level Introduction to Cognitive Science.


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